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What is Pilates?
This unique exercise system, which develops both body and mind, was created by
Joseph Pilates (puh-LAH-teez) in the 1920’s as a form of rehabilitation.  The benefits of
his conditioning/ rehabilitation discipline are endless.  Endorsed by sports coaches and
doctors, the Pilates approach trains the body to initiate movement from the core,
(abdominals and back), taking strain off joints and giving control over every movement.

Utilizing floor work and spring-resisted equipment, which are demanding yet gentle on
the body, the exercises involve the entire body, and require precise breathing,
concentration, and perfect form.  Clients gain strength in areas they never felt before,
as well as flexibility, good posture, coordination, balance, body awareness, movement
patterns that prevent injury, and improved breathing.

Pilates techniques are so versatile that clients of all ages and fitness levels will benefit.  
Those with injuries find healing, and athletes are conditioned to perform at higher levels.

With Pilates exercise, you will feel better, move better, and look better.  Take a look at
some of the Pilates devotees who reportedly agree: celebrities Madonna,  Sheryl Crow,
Jodi Foster, Oprah Winfrey, Patrick Swayze, Gregory Peck, Danny Glover, and Nick
Nolte, NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals and San Francisco 49ers, Major League Baseball’s
Cleveland Indians, world-class figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi, former pro tennis star
Chris Evert, and a plethora of top dancers.
Who Will Benefit From Pilates?
•        Anyone desiring to improve their body, health, or enjoyment of life
•        Anyone desiring overall conditioning and flexibility
•        Anyone looking for a fun exercise program
•        Anyone desiring to decrease pain and feel good
•        Athletes, dancers, fitness buffs, musicians, singers, actors
•        Pregnant women

People with:

•        Aches and pains
•        Back pain/ Sciatica
•        Neck tension
•        Tightness
•        Postural problems
•        Herniated disks/ disk bulges
•        Knee, foot, shoulder, or hip problems
•        Plantar fascitis
•        Chronic injuries
•        Torn ligaments/ sprains
•        Muscle tears
•        TMJ
•        Scoliosis
•        Osteoporosis
•        Arthritis
•        Multiple Sclerosis
•        Diabetes
•        Fibromyalgia
•        Asthma
•        Injuries from car accidents
•        Work-related injuries
•        Closed-Head injuries
What Will Pilates Do for Me?
•        Build long, lean muscles and a flat stomach
•        Condition the muscles evenly throughout the body
•        Increase core strength
•        Increase flexibility, coordination, and balance
•        Help prevent injury
•        Decrease pain
•        Improve posture
•        Increase body awareness
•        Increase control of one’s body
•        Train the body to use muscles to protect bones and tissues
•        Increase energy
•        Improve breathing
•        Improve circulation
•        Increase concentration
•        Develop bio-mechanically correct movement patterns
•        Incorporate the whole body, rather than isolated muscles
•        Train the body to move efficiently and fluidly
•        Teach the body to work in the way it is designed
•        Organize the body so that organs can function at their best
•        Allow the body to perform better in any sport or domestic activity
•        Allow non-impact and/ or non-weight bearing exercise if needed
•        Take your mind off everything else
•        Increase enjoyment of life and happiness