Pilates on Pearl
1550 South Pearl Street, Suite 201
Denver, CO  80210
Healthy Bodies for Life
Mary Brotamonte, owner of Pilates on Pearl, is a    
Certified Pilates Teacher and
Athletic Trainer.  She
received her Pilates training from The Pilates Center in
Boulder, Colorado.  She also has a Bachelor of
Science degree in Kinesiology and is certified by the
American College of Sports Medicine.  

Mary has been in the Health and Fitness profession
since 1990.  She has
over 12 years experience
teaching Pilates and
over 25 years of experience as an
Athletic Trainer - majority of those years has been in the
clinical field where she designs the exercise
prescriptions for rehab.
Mary has worked with clients of
all kinds from
injuries and special conditioned clients to
athletes.  Her background in athletic
training, rehabilitation, and Pilates has given her a better
awareness of body movement and has enabled her to
create innovative programs specific to clients’ needs
and goals that identify the proper alignments for
achieving optimal results.  Her passion for health and
wellness can be seen in her positive attitude and
enjoyment in contributing to her clients’ improved health
and lifestyle.    

To contact Mary by email:  mary@pilatesonpearl.com
Our teachers at PILATES ON PEARL hold outstanding qualifications in
the field of fitness, wellness and movement training, and hold
certifications from prestige Pilates school such as The Pilates Center
of Boulder Colorado.  In addition to their Pilates education, many hold
a degree in the health and fitness field and are certified with the
American College of Sports Medicine.  As teachers with over 15 years
practice mastering movement, we address your individualized needs
and goals by creatively and safely integrating the original Pilates
Method created by Joseph H. Pilates with what your body needs.

Our teachers at
PILATES ON PEARL allow you to find the right
alignment for your body - taking into account your limitations as well
as your strengths. We allow you to understand and feel in your own
body the corrections that are suggested without the burden of
over-analysis. Flow of movements with timely cues and corrections is
what makes our program distinctive. Our philosophy is based on the
fundamental principal that movement heals. Once the core is
strengthened, old postures, muscle memories and bad habits will
slowly correct themselves so true healing is allowed to take place.
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