Healthy Bodies for Life
Pilates on Pearl
1550 South Pearl Street, Suite 201
Denver, CO  80210

1 Full Private

1 Half Hour Private
1 Semi-Private                      
(2 people)

1 Reformer Class                 
(5 people max)

1 Chair Class
(3 people max)

1 Mat Class                           
(7 people max)

Package A:

5 Privates                              
5 Semi-Privates                    
5 Reformer Classes             
5 Mat Classes                       

Package B:

10 Privates                            
10 Semi-Privates                  
10 Reformer Classes           
10 Mat Classes                     

Intro Package
4 Privates, 4 Reformer
Classes, and 4 Mat Classes
(new clients only)

Combo Card A                       
(usable for any sessions at Package A
individual pricing)

Combo Card B  
(usable for any sessions at Package B
individual pricing)

  • All sessions are 55 minutes.
  • Gift certificates are available.
  • Prepaid Packages are non-refundable
     and expire 6 months after date of purchase.
                   Price List

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all sessions.  



$45 per person




$325 ($65 each)
$200 ($40 each)
$140 ($28 each)
$85   ($17 each)

$600 ($60 each)
$380 ($38 each)
$250 ($25 each)
$150 ($15 each)




One on one sessions using all available equipment, tailored
specifically to you needs

Two person sessions similar to privates, a great way to
workout with a family or friend member while getting the
benefits of a private.

Reformer Classes:
Classes utilizing the reformer - a sophisticated system of
springs and pulleys on a rolling platform.  The reformer
engages and accesses all muscle groups to build alignment
and to increase coordination and balance, while integrating
breathing and form.  Must have current reformer training.  
Maximum of 5 per class.

Chair Classes:
Classes utilizing the Wunda Chair - the chair is the most
advanced of all the pilates equipment.  Many chair
exercises are performed upright, using the postural muscles
and reaching muscle groups not easily accessible on the
other equipment.  Must have current chair training.  
Maximum of 3 per class.

Mat Classes:
A series of floor exercises designed to create uniform
development, long muscles, core strength, and breath
control.  Additional equipment (such as magic circles, spine
corrector, neck pads, short box, form rollers, fit balls,
thera-bands, etc.) are sometimes utilized for optimal results.  
Maximum of 7  per class.

Prenatal Classes:
Prenatal pilates class is available only upon request.  The
prenatal class is a safe and effective exercise program
designed to allow you to stay fit and relaxed during this
important time in you life.  Our clients have found that they
were able to have a more comfortable pregnancy and that
they had the core strength they needed when it came time
to deliver.  We do this by toning the abdominals, back and
pelvic floor muscles.  Prenatal pilates will also be able to get
your body back into shape faster after you delivery.  
Maximum of 4 per class.

Postnatal Classes:
Postnatal classes is available only upon request.  The post
natal class offers new mothers a safe, effective, and
progressive workout where you and your little one can join
us each week.  The class focus on the importance of
breath, abdominal and pelvic floor re-connection, the
re-establishment of stability, correcting posture and regaining
flexibility.  This class facilitate a safe healing process of the
body and learn wonderful ways to be active - even at home
with your new baby.  Maximum of 4 per class.